“One is not born rather becomes a woman”

All the boundaries here in the world are made by humans itself, nothing was made in advance not even this unbreakable, stiff, and rigid boundary between a man and woman.  I don’t want to talk about the sad part of it which most feminists or females talk about and sometimes even curse themselves for being women instead I will talk about the proud part of it and how I am so proud to be a WOMAN and always will be. This is because maybe, I have seen two wonderful and utterly strong ladies who shaped my childhood so well that I never thought being a woman can be something you should feel ashamed or feel disappointed about it.

If i will ever right a book on women, this will be my title

I am lucky enough to be raised by two women instead of raised by a man and woman. Yes, my mom and my mom’s mom (grandma) were my world from childhood. Have you ever thought about it? Why only women are allowed to experience the most beautiful emotion of giving birth to a child? Even, God knows only women are strong enough to endure the pain. The responsibility of carrying a new life inside you for a long period of nine months is not something any man in the world can do. Forget about nine months, they won’t be even able to handle the period cramps which women handle every single month with a smiling face and not knowing anyone about what her uterus is going through for those five days of the month.

I remember watching a series called “Man’s world” in which the protagonist keeps on cribbing about how females are given privileges just because they have “that time of the month”, “ They have breast instead of chest and breast always wins” and a lot of other things which he thought are unfair on man. He wishes to exchange roles and one fine day that role reversal thing happened. Now he knows what “That time of the month” actually makes you go through, what female faces in society just because she is a woman. He got to know everything which a “Women” has to face on a daily basis and a “Man” hasn’t. This is a bang on series on the faces of all the misogynists. Once you get to wear the shoes, you will know how it fits.

A shot of man’s world (a web series)

This is justified “One is not born rather becomes a woman”. It’s the outer world, societal stigmas, and the opposite gender which forces them to become one. I mean it when I say, I am proud to be a woman. So, even if these forceful game changes I always chose to become a WOMAN.

For those women who see the word “WOMAN” as a word that is made of man. Why don’t you see it another way round? The word “WOMAN” carries the word “MAN” as we do in the outer world. There are several instances in history which show the same and prove women as the epitome of power, endurance, and strength. I would like to mention some earlier instances from India and abroad-

a picture of chipko movement
  • In the 1970s, ‘Chipko Movement’ in the states of Uttrakhand lead by GAURA DEVI with the support of other ladies in the villages who lead the entire movement alone in the absence of men and government withdrawal the ideation of working on the Reni forest.
  • “Naked Protest” happened in a part of Manipur where “ASSAM RIFLES” a unit of Indian army booked a girl from their locality alleging her for being a part of banned people’s liberation army and the very next day, that girl was found dead. She has shot bullets into her vagina. Five days after the murder happened, women of Imphal walk on the streets of Imphal towards the Kangla fort starkly naked( Kangla fort was the place where Assam riffles unit was stationed). A group of thirty women walked towards the kangla fort with the hoarding the “We all are the mothers of murdered girl” and after successful completion of the movement unit has to vacate the kangla fort as their base station.
  • “Gulabi Gang” a group of people in a small village of Uttar Pradesh who came together to stop the social evil like women harassments and a lot of other wrongdoings like cast discriminations, bribery, hoardings. This gang was formed by “Suman Singh Chauhan” after an incident when a friend of hers was thrashed by her alcoholic husband. These women gang up and forced that guy to bow down in front of his wife in public for his earlier mistakes.
Picture of Gulabi gang with lathis in hand

All these are instances from the earlier history of the women’s movement in India. Now, Women are more empowered, strong, tech-savvy, well –educated. They can be more bang on your faces than earlier. Stay safe and cheers!!


Happiness – A Roller coaster ride?

Have you ever seen fireflies? As a child playing with fireflies and following them in darkness was one of my reason for happiness. What was yours? As we grow old, our pursuits of happiness changes. Some find it in money, some in materialistic things, and some in helping others while some are happy in little things like playing with their cute little pets.

Happiness continues

Happiness is an emotion of cheerfulness, gratification, contentment, satisfaction and all other words which make you feel a zest for life. If for once in your life, you have stayed stunned after experiencing any particular moment from your lifespan that’s Euphoria of your journey towards happiness. Every teenager felt euphoria in seeing their crush and they achieved ecstasy (an overwhelming feeling of great happiness) when they get the chance to finally meet them in person and finally agreed for going on date. You must be thinking of being a girl I haven’t achieved ecstasy but fortunately, I had; Yes, I have asked my crush out for a date and he agreed. So, I had felt those similar gestures of happiness which forces your heart to pump more blood when you see that person.

Whereas some people complicate this beautiful emotion and let their happiness get influenced by every single thing existing on this planet. Whether it’s Achievement or failure, social relationship or personal, married life or bachelor life even their neighbour next door is given so much importance that they can also create an impact on their happiness                                                                            Happiness is not the emotion for an hour or day; it creates a long term effect on your physical and mental health. Researches prove that a happy person is more likely to stay healthy as this helps in boosting immunity and stay away from chronic diseases like cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure etc. It is also proven that a happy individual will always have a longer life span than an unhappy individual.

Sometimes, sunset can be reason for the happiness too

Barging into today’s most trending or I should say the aptest reason for happiness according to our generation. Read and give it a thought-

Can money buy you happiness?

Answer to this question has changed over the years. In the early 90s, even keeping up with the basic necessity is considered happy. At that time, people were happy with all that they have but with the changing time demands have expanded its arms and luxury being added to consider you happy. Happiness has changed the trend and it is now shown by the “glass of class“- income & education. A family is not considered happy until they earn well and buy all the luxuries. So concluding on the question maybe some people today thought that money can buy happiness.

Still a question remained unsolved in my life

Human is such a complex entity that it flawless emotion like happiness is even categorised into four different levels-

  • Laetus– Happiness from materialistic things
  • Felix– Ego gratification(most common in adult these days)
  • Beatitudo– Happiness from doing good to others and making it a better place for someone.
  • Sublime Beatitudo– Ultimate, Perfect happiness

I know all that sounds absurd even my dictionary denied to accept these words but all of these existed as per my research and the earlier researches or studies existed on happiness. If you also try to relate your happiness with luxury items, fancy vacations, then let me tell you that’s all temporary just like your beautiful face, your whitening teeth, your long hair which will all vanish or become old with time. There are few actual signs of happiness, check the list below and find out if you have any-

  • If you are happy with simple, little things, as simple as enjoying your daily cup of tea or coffee.
  • If you don’t care so much about yesterday or tomorrow.
  • If you don’t keep a check on your smile and laugh limitlessly.
  • If you don’t hold on to grudges or your past mistakes.
  • If you move more and stay less.
  • If you enjoy healthy and happy relationships and cut out on toxic ones.
  • If you live life with some meaning or purpose and aim

You are a happy person if you find yourself even similar to few signs mentioned above. The lastly and most important sign is “keeping a happy friend circle” or in other words surround yourself with optimism no matter if that’s your own. Someone well quoted

                 “Optimism, like pessimism, can be infectious

Yes, It is being positive about situations is an art and I am very very sure that art is not easy to learn but you can learn it fast if you have few optimistic individuals around who are spilling their infection.

Concluding up – My article is not the ultimate boundary to the definition of happiness, there is much expansion but I guess I have touched some important points and that will have you through the journey you are onboard.

Spilling my happiness, CHEERS!!


Are you a Good Feminist or Bad?

When you educate a man, you educate a man. When you educate a woman, you educate a generation.

So, how many of you just thought that above-written sentence is for supporting feminism? If you have, you are a bad feminist but if you haven’t then you are a good feminist. Let me explain how? In the sentence, it is said that “When you educate a woman, you educate a generation” because a mother is the first teacher of every human being irrespective of their gender; even the first language we learn is called “Mother-tongue”. Now, I don’t think I need to tell you that this sentence is not a “Man-hating” move.

Talking of “Man-hating” which is generally considered synonyms of “Feminist“, I am not here to defend feminism or the whole concept of “Feminism”. I am here to tell you that almost each one of us is feminist, the only discrepancy is that some of us are good and rest are bad. I will try to explain the whole concept of a BAD OR GOOD feminist by answering some of the general questions which are in discussion in the few years.

Question:- What is your take on the legalization of prostitution? 

Answer:- Bad feminist will say that is wrong, How can women do all this, this so unfair and disrespectful to work in such a shameful, opprobrium profession. A good feminist may see this as their choice of life if this is how they can earn for their living and that is what makes them feel audacious about their life; It’s fine to legalize and respect this profession and not see this as an outsider concept. This concept is built here, flourished here, followed here but always in some secrecy. Legalization will hopefully feed people with the more carefree and open approach towards it.

P.S :- though this picture is a flout as a little girl of approximately 8 years is standing behind the banner to support the campaign

Question:- How do you see a woman consuming alcohol, doing smoke to feel equality with the man in society?

Answer:- Bad feminist may see this decision as empowering women or giving them equal stand in the society but how can things like alcohol or smoking concern anyway with the equal rights in society. Men should also stop doing all of it, not because that’s about equality or some feminist thought; It’s because consuming alcohol may damage their liver, doing smoke can erode their lungs. If they (either men or women) want to live a healthy life and want to spend a few moments of their life being sober. Trust me watching clear sunset, night sky, glittering stars, feeling cold breeze on your face is tipsier than gulping “fermented carbohydrates with yeast ” normally known “Alcohol ” down your throat.

P.S :- Trust me both of them doesn’t consider gender before harming you and your health

Question:-“#MeToo” campaign was a “feminism Campaign”?

Answer:- Actress Alyssa Milano twitted with #MeToo on twitter and approximately half a million re-twitted with the same Hashtag within 24 hours and later on used in more than 80 countries in the world. This Hashtag went viral not because it was a feminist move instead there were some real issues which women in the world are facing since ages and not strong, vivacious or vocal enough to came out with their “sexual harassment or assault ” stories. This hashtag gives them an easy breakthrough to came up bluntly and boldly but some so-called “bad-feminist” even take advantage of this also and came up with some fake stories which just spoiled the whole originality of this campaign. In the recent past, Bollywood released a movie which shows how women are taking dynamics of privilege and ended up with”abuse of power” of article 375. All these women are supporters of bad feminism.

P.S :- I have selected that picture with no women or men on it because women are not the only one who can face #MeToo, Sometimes there are men too

I can write up a list of thousand questions in support of my title but I guess above mentioned will be enough to put some light on the thin line between the “GOOD” or “BAD” feminist.

And don’t forget “We all are Feminist“.


Beirut Explosion: An Explosion inside out

Last week has been a black one with the Beirut blast on Tuesday and crash of Air Indian Express plane with 190 people on board, plus how could we forget the ongoing Pandemic? #stop2020 #Beirutblastcause #Beirutblastvideo.

Beirut is the largest city of Lebanon with an area of 19.8km2 and capital of Lebanon too. People never thought that a disaster can come to them from a ship that hadn’t even sailed in the last seven-year. The explosion ripped off 157 dead and more than 5000 injured reported to date. “Two-week state emergency” has been imposed in the city.

White fog and blast

The cause of the Beirut blast can be the explosive ammonium nitride (a highly volatile compound used in fertilizers and for explosives in mining) estimated to be 2,750 metric tons stored on the port side since 2014.

Look at the level of destruction

Viral video of the Beirut blast is just leaving each spectator stunned and numb. Some locals reported some initial fireworks and the white fog was seen first next to port’s grain Silos and what happened next is all over the internet. People are not able to collect themselves from the shock, somewhere around 3 Lac people are homeless in the middle of pandemic reported by Beirut governor Marwan.

Accepting your next moment as hell as it is for now in Beirut is not easy. There are clips of people who were just in the moment of their lives best memory and this explosion makes it worst. A lady was prepping to deliver her baby, a lady was posing in her wedding gown and I am sure they must be the best moments of their lives and those shock waves just ended them shook.

More power to the people of Lebanon and we all are mourning in their grief


Lately, A meme was circulated on social media “Corona ne bucketlist mein paani bhar diya” (corona has filled water in our bucket list). This is a tough time and moving into the fifth month of the corona, many of us have lost patience, endurance but we still have hope with all the vaccine success stories popping out of our browsers.

Picture of meme circulated on various social media platforms

We have missed out on a lot of things during corona times, some of us had to cancel our trips, our weddings (though quarantine wedding is trending). We miss to meet our friends, we miss that warm hug which we used to get from our loved ones, sitting together and binge eating at our favourite cafe. Making movie plans, making shopping plans, planning reunions, everything has just vanished and rips off from our hand.  When colleges were shut down in the middle of March, students were actually at relief back then but now same students are cravings to go back to their colleges, hangouts with friends, bunking lectures, canteen stories every single thing. I guess none of us is interested in sitting in front of some gadget and owe it the same respect which we used to pay to our professors. It is more than strenuous to do a “Virtual College”.

Stop here!! I am not here to sink you more into the river of sorrow or grief but to come up with some positivity your way. We have fought this battle together and we have already completed more than half. Cheer up, folks!! This is not half empty or half full situation instead it is just about the full which we have left. I know our lives have taken unexpected turns, no one thought that our lives can transform this fast; well, it has shown that “Life is its own master”. We can’t order it to do something according to our preferences; it has its priority list made for us. Keeping all that apart, Why not make a post-COVID bucket list? And start our lives, our adventures, our success story, our failures, our learning, everything just one more time. I am here with mine; I hope it will give you some positivity or motivation to make it your own –

Yes, post corona is a pizza party, Join now
  • Go and hug everyone whom I missed the most and I am that kind of person who just postpones plans due to no reason. So, I will meet each one of them with no delays.
  • Procrastination” will no longer be a word in my dictionary.
  • I have taken enough rest during the quarantine; I will be up for as much hard work as possible for my career, my relations, my near future, my far future.
  • I have been to many hill stations but not beaches. So, probably visit a beach soon.
  • Resume social working.
  • Binge eating my favourite dishes will be top on the priority list after hugging thing.
  • Learn swimming. I so wanted to learn swimming this summer but you know …I can’t afford a pool at home and pools can’t afford people at present.
  • I know driving but I am not the one pro driver kind of person who can reverse car even in 8-foot narrow roads. I wanted to become one at least after watching “NH-10
Comment your list below

I guess there are more on my list but that’s all to keep you moving. I hope , I am successful in creating some wheels to your dreams which will keep you moving and let you prepare your list.


Domestic Violence –When your own home is not less than a hell

I hate writing articles with sad tones but that’s unfortunate our country has more topics to write with sad tone than with humour, optimistic, pessimistic and happy tones. Lock down must be tough for you but it’s toughest for them who are spending this lockdown with the monsters locked in their own houses. Pandemic is turning to worst phase now, people are facing unemployment at an unexpected level and all the frustration, anger, rage, melancholy is released by attacking the most vulnerable member of the family “WOMEN”.

These scars ,injuries are not justifiable

This abuse is not only physical, sexual but creates a long term impact emotionally also because they don’t know who should they reach with this story. According to a survey, 77% of women never tell anyone about the domestic violence or abuse which they face inside the boundaries of their own home. Sometimes they are greeted with slaps, shouting, screaming, in the middle of arguments and sometimes this aggression even continues in bed.

The lockdown period from March to June reported the highest domestic violence cases in the last ten years and most outrageous thing is that reported data is such when about 86% of women never even file a complaint. Reason for this huge percentage not filing any complains is a farrago.

  • “Divorce is still a taboo” who teaches to tolerate all the facade and never complains just because “log kya kahengein
  • “Financial dependency” is another major reason because almost 64% of women still home makers and depends on their spouse for financial aid.
  • “Social Stigma” English translation of #logkyakahengein
  • “Lack of confidence” as they know their parents won’t support them in this and ask her to keep shut because it’s so-called “Ghar ka mamla” and according to them it happens in every household at some point of time.
  • “Emotional Attachment” According to researcher women are more emotional than men and it took a heavy heart to depart from the person with whom they share beautiful memories of their life.

A 32-year-old, software engineer committed suicide in Hyderabad because her in-laws were torturing her as she was not able to get pregnant. This instance proves that even financial independency doesn’t motivate you to tolerate such heinous acts. According to NALSA (National legal service authority) records of domestic violence cases during the lockdown,  Uttarakhand reaches highest with Haryana at second and National capital region at third. This is not the story of India only but it is happening worldwide. UN defines this pandemic as “Shadow Pandemic” due to the hell created in everyone’s own houses.

This need to eradicate, we have to break the taboos. It is not “Ghar ka mamla“; if you see any such incidences happening in your neighbours or your own house. Ignorance is not suggested and it shouldn’t be taken as “Normal“.Don’t put it into “sbke ghar mein thoda both to hota hi hoga” category. This is “Not Normal”, you need to reach out to someone, report and offend such behaviour. Tolerance is not the answer.

PS: I am not saying every man does that but who does; they are not tolerable and forgiven.

DELHI RIOTS -1984 Vs 2020

Is the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 and Winning of AAP (Aam Admi Party) in 2020 the same? Are we so suppressed by these biggies of politics that our “Right to vote ” is also snatched? Are we still in Democracy or We are in a dictatorship which somehow they people manage to call it democracy?

Whether it’s Anti -Sikh riots or Anti-CAA (Citizen amendment bill), nothing has changed in thirty-six years. Thirty-six years is almost half time of an individuals life -span but it doesn’t change people being arsonists, people being ruthless, clueless as they were back then in 1984. Both the instances are similar in the context of rumours, pogrom and public’s audacity to hold necks of whom they lived cheek by jaw for several years. There are a lot of similarities as well as consequences which these both egregious pogroms left us with.

How did it start?

  • In 1984, right after the demise of then Prime minister Indira Gandhi; there was sudden outrage in public against Sikh community as she was shot dead by her Sikh bodyguards Satwant Singh and Beant Singh that was another chaos due to “operation BlueStar” which was ordered by the PM itself. All that is some political conspiracy and some total nuisance even if that sensible, It should not hurt the general Sikh people in such a brutal manner.
  • In 2020, just after result got announced on 8th February 2020 and AAP won Delhi elections. There was palpable discussions amongst the opposition and seems quite clear central is not going to sympathize with delhite in the near future. All the Muslims were already in heated arguments due to the CAA and hence were targeted.

Similarities (1984 Vs 2020)

  • Surely, conflagration raised are different but both are “POGROM” (an organised massacre of a particular ethnic group. No one declared it as “genocide” but it was a deliberate killing.
  • Rumour was a killing weapon in both instances. In 1984, rumours were spread that a truck loaded with Hindu bodies is coming from Punjab and all the Sikh people in Delhi are poisoning water tanks. Something similar happened in 2020, many shops, cars, petrol pumps were burnt by some outsiders and told to Muslims that it was burnt by Hindus and vice versa to Hindus.
  • Police were just being a spectator in both the riots and were framing some random cases were ordered to take some actions. People were petrified, freaked, they were feeling quakes in their boots and cops were there to cause more vandalism. I remember one incident from February 2020, One of my friend’s brother were caught and kept in jail for the reason that he got frightened when he saw a mob near his property and calls police to inform about the same. His family has to wait round the clock to get their son back just because he wants police to take some actions for the safety of his property and his workers. This is only one but people must have suffered tons in terms of property loss, emotions hurt, man loss and much more. This reminds me of one more incident of Monday 23rd February, I have seen one interview of “Rajdeep Sardesai ” sir which covers ground zero report and there was one man in Yamuna Nagar who was crying his heart out because his restaurant was burnt to ash on which he has taken several loans to make it a success for their living
left -kid crying demise of his father in 2020 —–Right- kid stunned to see his family loss

Difference (1984 Vs 2020)

  • In 1984, Freedom of the press was hardly a thing. There was only one channel “Doordarshan” and no newspaper published anything for almost three days about. While 2020 riots happened, There are trillions of news channel running their stories about it plus twitter, Facebook and a dozen more social media platforms. It somehow helped in seeing a clear picture but it even added some heat to the moment by showing running stories of some mindless politicians like ” Kapil Mishra ” who is uncertain about his political career as he recently joined BJP who earlier said openly “Hum BJP kabhi join ni karengein“. At the time of riots, he was an MLA from BJP and orated some pitiless words like ” Modiji tum dekho dushmano ko seema par baki janta nipta degi ghar mein chupe hue gaddar ” which clearly explains the basic chronology and aftermath of these riots.
  • 1984 happened before Lok sabha elections while 2020 happened after AAP won the Lok sabha elections 2020, Overall it’s all about politics; All that matters is their win, their agendas, their loses, they just thought us like some creepy-crawlies for them which they can kill anytime.
  • In 1984, Sikhs ran away and lost faith in the state, people and even their neighbours but when 2020 happened people stayed strong and they are ready to face what is coming up. I have seen people of Maujpur, Jaffrabad (places in north-east Delhi ) saying “it’s their birth land, it’s their living land and they won’t be afraid to make it their death land”.

“Both the incidents were painful, life-shattering, man and property loss for a major crowd of Delhi. India is independent since last 72 years and we (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh ) all are living together at the same land for 72 years turning 73 in a month and at least now, India shouldn’t be a place for such communal riots”

The government should re-read and re-learn what their role is and what they supposed to be “BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE

On that note, A BIG CHEERSSS!!!!


“You can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take city out of the girl

 Approximately ten years back, a child in me came to Delhi with the only dream in eyes to join the University of Delhi; Ok, this sounds pretty much filmy but let me tell you I came here with my entire family, not just me. There is a very funny story behind this DU dream but I won’t tell you otherwise all my readers are going to tag my childhood “the lamest“. The last ten years has been such a blast for me, Delhi has taught me a lot, how to be carefree, independent, full of life, bold, brave, and whatnot. Today sitting at home, I am reminiscing and cherishing all of those but Delhi today is not in a cherry blossom phase. I know the whole world is not but being a Delhite I am feeling the pain that Delhi and it’s people are facing right now.

We are going to stand back with much more firm foundations and determinations still pandemic has crushed every soul into fear, exasperation, anguish, solitude and these souls will need years to gain life again.  People are incarcerated in their homes for an infinite time, no one knows till what time we have to stay like this; the whole “stay home, stay safe” situation is now getting aggravate. 

How much I have figured out about Delhi in all those years, Delhi has the most gluttony people at least in our country. They are accepting to every type of cuisine and luckily  Delhi has the most amazing food joints from Parathe wali Gali, Kareem’s at Chandni Chowk,  to all the food joints of north campus (Hudson lane ),  to some amazing Tibetian food at MAJNU KA TILLA ( famously known as MKT), Moolchand k Parathe, to students hub at SATYA NIKETAN, I am telling you this list is never-ending. You can always find some kind of special food on every street in Delhi. “ Delhi ka Mausam” is another beautiful experience; having a cup of hot tea with rain drizzling at your face in front of India Gate is an untold story in itself. Delhi is an escaping place for all the shopaholics too; It has few best street shopping places like Sarojni Nagar, Palika Bazar to Kamlanagar. Now, You must be able to relate; how happening is Delhi. Delhites weeks are incomplete without having a blast at weekend with few weirdest trends to have weekend vibes and amazeballs. 

Streets of chandi chowk

“The Delhi” which I just described is sleeping like a baby panda. Streets are empty, no one is getting ready for their weekends, no fanaticisms for “Delhi ki Barish”, no plans in making for window shopping or street shopping. Dil Walo ki Delhi is silent, cringed, crying ……..and it’s disheartened to even say this but Delhi is in most imbroglio phase, out of all the places in our country. If  I would have to predict or go with the numbers, there are already 40 K confirmed cases with a situation that either hospital doesn’t have beds or they are charging an immense amount which is not affordable for a middle class or lower class individuals. This crisis become behemoth right from the day when restrictions were eased and with almost all the connectivity and being the capital of India, Delhi has kicked off very badly. Till now situation has been in control to some extent even approximately 15k got recovered but with all the necessity to save the economy, Delhi has become   COVID -19 ” National Hotspot” from  “National Capital“.

More power to all Delhites and early recoveries to all patients. I have to say “Stay Safe, Stay at Home” that’s the only cure we have right now.

No cheers this tym!!

Your degree is not enough – “Education System crashed”

I would like to start from the times when there were Gurukuls for education and they used to teach exactly what their students need to erudite. Britisher came in with the concept of Schools and we are following the same with a few changes here and there. The current system which we are following was introduced well earlier, but with the changing time, the system gets degraded or diluted. Maybe its the phase of the country which focuses on different other matters more than education like freedom, politics, reservations, discrimination, etc. There are still people who pronounce “ Education “ as “Ejucashan” instead of “edu-cashan”. They are not open to change, they are not open to learn more and grow. All they are trapped in a system which first provides you with “DEGREE” after that “UNEMPLOYMENT “ because of the obvious reasons they are selling their institute in exchange for money. These universities with high infrastructure, behemoth campus area, luxurious libraries; Do you really think one needs to get attracted to these bait?? Or Are they even aiming to give the best of knowledge? Most of the universities are just making a great deal of profit by showing you such bate. It’s not only about degrading levels for graduation or post-graduation, but there is also default in the foundation only called Schools. Let me take you through some basic reasons why we are not able to level up our education game:-
• Have you ever seen topper of particular class want to become a teacher in the future? We don’t see teaching as a valuable career. I won’t say; always but most of the time a person who chooses teaching as a career isn’t left with anything else as job. If the most knowledgeable student of the class don’t choose to teach than how come the backbenchers teach well in schools who themselves never tried to learn anything in their educational history. I know this thought of mine is going to offend a lot of you but I guess it’s true if you think of this unbiasedly.
• Skill-based learning should be introduced in the school instead of just making students an exam giving machines who have to go write an exam every quarterly. In short, they should be taught to jabber about their skill-based viva or practical instead of always fearing about their written test, marks, grades, result. Let their talent speak in spite of their Report Cards.

Indian Education Frame needs to change completely “ – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

At the same time , we have such situations too ;where few of them needs to fight for even basic education.

Correctly said by the former president of India. A framework that should be first on priority list in every manifesto of government. India is just left a degree factory with 31.5 crore students which is larger than the population of united nations but hardly 10% of them get to succeed with their own choice of jobs rest just have to settle for any other job options which they never thought of choosing and a lot remains unemployed. Have you ever thought, Why all those students who scored above 90% can’t crack IIT or NEET or any other competitive exam because they aren’t taught to gain knowledge, they are trained to score well in exams. Even “Scrap exam, start open book system “ can bring some profitable changes in the framework .
Adding to that ,If we talk about present scenario ; education is the most prominent reason, “Why we failed to handle the pandemic ?“ I have talked to people with the highest of education and talking every nonsense and shitty thing possible to cure Covid -19 and relying on such superstitions they are roaming idyllicly because according to them they have a cure which can’t let Coronavirus enter their territories. Why with the ease in lockdown every highly affected country manages to control their cases? that’s because of their people ;they know where to go, how to go, how to prevent themselves. While India is the only country that is on the peak right from the first day of ease in lockdown. They aren’t sensible enough to see that government hasn’t opened everything because it’s safe out there, they are lifting the restrictions because else we will be left with zero economies in our hands.


Dreams : Daydreaming or having Nightmares?

Most of us think about “The dream” which is all about ambition , goals , aspiration  but I am talking here something which is uncommon, unusual. Yes, It’s about our unconscious desire in form of sensations ,thoughts, images  in our mind, which while being asleep normally is called as a dream. Sometimes you must have ended up waking with a bad mood – reasons behind spoiling of moods on an early morning are mostly unpleasant dreams which you have been experiencing during the course of your sleep. This happened with me a lot of times, daydreaming is not my mind’s choice. May be, I am the only one who make up to either Euneirophrenia (This is peace of mind after a pleasant dream) or having Malneirophrenia. So, here I am introducing you to a parallel world of mine; My nightmare is another hell of a world even a tollywood director can’t think of, such are the puerile or senseless story which my nightmares are always plotted around. Once I had a dream, most unimaginable, leery in which I have been shot with approx nine bullets on my chest yet I managed to survive a whole night, with those bullets inside my body and I was perfectly alright when I was taken to hospital afterwards; I know these dreams are kind of naive but I have more on my list to prove that my mind goes crazy when it comes to dreaming, sometimes it’s a vision of plums, euphoria or contentment while just another moment, my mind goes completely insane and pictures a dream in which my younger brother is pregnant and having an eight months old  baby inside his womb . I told you my world of dreams is hysterical.

Captured by :- Sheeba Chauhan (me)

There are fun facts or you can say facts about dreams which I came across while researching for this blog.  Do you know there are various types of dreams? – LUCID, INTERPRETATIONS, DREAM LAG  and few more which are categorised according to different traits which a human experiences while being asleep .Interpretation is the type of dream which is based on the thoughts which crossed the person’s mind just before they fell asleep. Mentioning few more Fun Facts below :-

  • Each person dreams between 3 to 6 times every night whether they remember or not. So, beware of those folks who keep on saying they don’t have dreams but the fact is they don’t remember any bit of those dream.
  • Almost 95% of dreams are forgotten as soon as we are out of bed. So, whatever we still manage to remember in the morning is just 5% of what we have seen.
  • Blind people too have dreams but they dream with other sensory ways compared to other people. So, what they have is kind of hearing hallucinations as there most active sense is hearing.
  • There is one movie named “inception” directed by Christopher Nolam which will definitely blow your mind as he has presented and used dreams very smartly , cunningly ,and surely incredibly too. You all need to see that movie in order to understand how magical dreams can be.

I know talking of GOALS, AIMS seems more pertinent but sometimes its ok to stop making sense and think or imagine of some entirely different topic or thought. So , here that was my dish for this blog which  I just served with love on your plates . READ and let me know in the comments if you were able to connect.


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